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About Us

We don't do Geek! We do Geeky Chic!

Welcome to Geeky Chic Kids.

A brand started by a mom and dad team (lets not forget about the 4 kids). That were always looking for clothing that fit the style of their kids. One of them was a gamer. One was a little nerdy, yet always embraced her inner trendiness. One was a little bit of a Hipster. And the youngest was stuck wearing all the things mom and dad thought were cool.

Yet they could not find anything. So they thought..Why not create one.

And Geeky Chic Kids and Adults was born.

Based in California, our brand screams fun, geeky, hipster, colorful, sweet, edgy, chic and full of swag!

Enjoy taking a look at our 2015/2016collection.