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Ask me what I do all day.....

I feel being a stay at home mom that also works from home is so under appreciated.

Just this morning while answer my business emails, helping my husband with his business, setting the table for breakfast, 4 year old scream "MOMMY where is my MILK!!!, and my 8mth old reaching up for me to pick him up. I stopped and stood there for a moment and thought about how I had felt under appreciated. As a matter of fact the rest of the day got even more hectic. And I felt even more under appreciated for the small and BIG things I do.

During a car ride with my husband and two boys, I turned to my husband and said

Me - do you think you under appreciate me?

Him - (pause) yes and no. I do appreciate all you do. But there are times when I take all of those things for granted.

At that point I tried to explain all I do to him (even though I know he knows). But then I realized that I don't need to do that. Because in the back of his mind (even if he doesn't acknowledge each and every thing I do for the kids, house, him, etc), he knows that I am holding it down on the home front, and that I have his back and our kids are very well taken care of. And that this is as much a full time job as any other. Except with no vacation, sick time, Christmas parties or a darn raise

But just every once in awhile it would be nice to get "MOM of The Month"




  • January 19, 2015
  • rene lopez